29 outubro 2010

spectacular "papergirl"

"TENNESSEE" MARY FONS (an Iowa native) has been writing and performing her poetry and other solo works around the country for the better part of 5 years. She has been the featured performer in over 30 poetry slam venues Visit www.maryfons.com for more, more, more! (fonte)

Mary Fons is one of the most vulnerable Chicago poets I have ever seen. I say she is vulnerable because she pours her heart and soul into her poetry and examines herself with little self-censorship, and that is not a safe thing to do. It is this vulnerability that makes the poetry in Fons' chapbook the texas EP so rich, heartfelt and dare I say entertaining.

Fons' delightful talent at non-narrative story-telling, along with the shear musicality of the language she chooses, puts an impressive spin on this age old quest for the meaning of love. Through closer examination, however, the quest for the meaning of love becomes but a sub-theme of a much larger point: staying optimistic in a screwed up world.  (ler mais)

letra do poema, aqui

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Anónimo disse...

É um espanto, não é?

Obrigada, ana!

Beijos - muitos


AL disse...

um espanto, sim, e eu é que te agradeço, por ma teres 'apresentado'!! :-)