11 julho 2010

da bestialidade do homem ..

uma mulher (mais uma!) que um tribunal condena à morte por apedrejamento, pelo crime de ter tido relações sexuais fora do casamento - e mais não consigo dizer. há uma petição para salvar-lhe a vida, assinem.

Sakine Mohammadi e Ashtiani faces a horrible punishment for an act of nature: sex. But apparently sex outside of marriage is volatile enough that this woman deserves to be executed by stoning. At least some people in Iran think so. She will almost certainly be murdered by a corrupt "justice" system in a most excruciating way unless WE do something about it. This petition is that something. Although stoning is sadly not terribly uncommon in some parts of the world, saving one person from this atrocity could help to build the movement against inhumane punishments and executions worldwide and promote more justice in troubled nations like Iran. YOU have power to help stop this, the choice is simply yours to do it or not. I urge you brothers and sisters, for we have no more room for hate in our world, the free MUST remember the forgotten. This is simply our duty to our fellow human, to stand up for her when she cannot. I beg you to share this with anyone who would sign it, as it will send a strong message to those capable of helping this poor woman have her right to life.

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pela vida de Sakine  aqui

  • "let him who has never sinned throw the first stone" - Jesus Christ, 2010 years ago!
  • what dark world we live in, that shows so little respect for life!
  • which of the numerous gods men believe in would admit such barbaric act?
  • I'm ashamed of being part of the human race! No ' beast' would be so cruel, so soul-less!
  • what if it were a man??
  • there is something called "the universal declaration of human rights", you know?

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