10 julho 2011



do vídeo Masters of the Universe: a Capitalist Conspiracy -  transcrição de excertos:

«Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826, 3.º presidente americano, ) wrote: "If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied."

What the Federal Reserve act of 1913 did was giving this private banking cartel total monopoly of printing money. So what you had here was a complete take over of the government of the USA by these private bankers. They've ruled ever since.  [take over = take control]

A hundred years later, Abraham Lincoln was pondering the same issues when he said: "The government should create issue and circulate all the currency. Adopting these principles will save taxpayers.." » - Eustice Mullins


Eustice Mullins  (1923-2010) - uma página MUITO interessante!! (ver secção 'murder by injection', onde se fala, entre outras coisas, de comida propositadamente contaminada, do lucro que dá manter os pacientes com cancro... SIDA, etc... um verdadeiro filme de terror!)

Mullins' Horizontal Pyramid
First 10 minutes of a two hours lecture by Eustace Mullins, the Godfather of Conspiracy writers, Canada, August 2000. - Eustace was the most dangerous man in the world according to J. Edgar Hoover. ;)

Eustace Mullins was born on March 9th, 1923 in Virginia, USA. He was a protégé of Ezra Pound, like the Nobel Prize winners T.S. Elliot, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and William Butler Yeats. Listen to what Eustace Mullins found out and you'll understand why they never gave him a (deserved!) Nobel Prize!

de Lincoln a JFK ....
«...criminals hate the people who interfere with their war plans, because war is the most profitable thing they can get into.»
«... when you cross the bankers, they have only one answer: assassination. The bankers assassinated president Lincoln.» (e vou contar assim como se o estivesse a fazer a uma criança: o Lincoln queria dinheiro para financiar a guerra civil; os banqueiros aceitaram emprestar-lhe dinheiro com  19% de juros, quando o 'normal' para a época era 1% .. Então alguém sugeriu a Lincoln que o Tesouro... podia legalmente emitir 'papel-moeda' não sujeita a juros. O Lincoln financiou a guerra com essa emissão de dinheiro, os banqueiros ficaram piursos porque perderam 1 monte de massa.. e ..vingaram-se.)

Secrets of the Federal Reserve/Eustice Mullins Chapter 8: World War One Kuhn, Loeb Company and the management of the Great War

Chapter 8: World War One
Kuhn, Loeb Company and the management of the Great War

“Money is the worst of all contraband.” — William Jennings Bryan

U.S. Taxpayers Finance the War
It is now apparent that there might have been no World War without the Federal Reserve System. A strange sequence of events, none of which were accidental, had occurred. Without Theodore Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” candidacy, the popular President Taft would have been reelected, and Woodrow Wilson would have returned to obscurity.  If Wilson had not been elected, we might have had no Federal Reserve Act, and World War One could have been avoided. The European nations had been led to maintain large standing armies as the policy of the central banks which dictated their governmental decisions. In April, 1887, the Quarterly Journal of Economics had pointed out:

“A detailed revue of the public debts of Europe shows interest and sinking fund payments of $5,343 million annually (five and one-third billion). M. Neymarck’s conclusion is much like Mr. Atkinson’s. The finances of Europe are so involved that the governments may ask whether war, with all its terrible chances, is not preferable to the maintenance of such a precarious and costly peace. If the military preparations of Europe do not end in war, they may well end in the bankruptcy of the States. Or, if such follies lead neither to war nor to ruin, then they assuredly point to industrial and economic revolution.” fonte 


By Kahentinetha Horn

MNN. March 24, 07.

swarm = enxame ; swarming - o acto de  juntar-se à volta de qq coisa (FB, p. ex)
Swarming is a new form of making connections and taking control. It is creating a new balance between hierarchy and new social networks. Self-determination is a human survival instinct. People will always look for ways to survive. It’s an ingenious way to challenge the corporate government and the military-industrial complex through internet connections and alternative social networks.

Swarming can be a leaderless movement. It reflects the human instinct to make connections. On the plus side it can be used by people to protest against injustices and to overcome abuse. Like all kinds of power, it can be used to commit crimes. This is why the police and military are studying swarming so they can add it to their artillery of abuse.
Swarming is a demonstration of the power of the modern belief in human equality. It shows that autonomy, control and social will is in every single one of us. We can work together for better or worse. We can use our intelligence to be helpful and to defend society from abusers. We can also use it to abuse. Hierarchical powers try to oppress swarming but they can’t. They can’t deal with the idea that they aren’t in control or that no one is in control. Social order is a product of the collective will. Hierarchy is structured to dictate.- fonte


bem interessante, n'est-ce pas?
bom, e agora vou ... arrumar a casa? .... dormir uma sestita? ,   .......... ?


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