29 janeiro 2010

Basquiat . and . the Velvet Underground

"The only thing the market liked better than a hot young artist was a dead hot young artist, and it got one in Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose working life of about nine years was truncated by a heroin overdose at the age of twenty-seven. "

"Basquiat's career was incubated by the short-lived graffiti movement, which started on the streets and subway cars in the early 1970s, peaked, fell out of view, began all over again in the 1980s, peaked again, and finally receded, leaving Basquiat and the amusingly facile Keith Haring as its only memorable exponents. (ler mais)

Slide Show- Jean Michel Basquiat, his friends and his paintings.
Music- Heroin - Velvet Underground

  • The Velvet Underground (an unofficial fan site)

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