25 julho 2011

I am a Norwegian -2

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O terrorismo chegou ao país do Nobel da Paz  -  fotogaleria
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[23.07.2011, 02:42pm, Sat. GMT]
Norway stands firm against acts of terror

Oslo, 24 julho 2011
Terrorism has little to do with politics or beliefs: it is an act of the criminally insane. While the man behind the bombing in Oslo and the shootings at a youth camp on the Norwegian island of Utoeya, will ultimately have to explain his actions in a court of law, nothing he says is likely to help the rational world come to terms with yet another senseless attack on innocent people.

The murder spree left an estimated 92 people dead, many young people at a Norwegian Labour party camp and were described as being among the country's finest. In his reaction, the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said: "No one will bomb us to silence, no one will shoot us to silence, no one will ever scare us from being Norway."

This is important as Norway is among those countries which have domestic and international policies based on the principles of democracy, tolerance, justice and the rule of law and respect for human rights. In this they have been a sterling example to the international community. If the attacks, allegedly by a Norwegian rightwing fundamentalist, had caused the country to turn its back on these values, then the gunman would have succeeded in inflicting an even more grievous injury on all those committed to a peaceful, tolerant world. This is perhaps something that those who were quick to try and link the attacks to Islamic fundamentalists should think about.

Making uninformed speculation before there is time to establish at least some basic facts, feeds into the distrust and hysteria terrorists try to spread. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) was among those countries that condemned the attacks. Reflecting the sentiments of the international community, UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan expressed the country's "full solidarity with the government of Norway in confronting these criminal acts". 
A Noruega “não abandonará jamais os seus valores”, diz primeiro-ministro - ler mais

O extremista, que confessou ter levado a cabo os ataques que provocaram pelo menos 93 mortos em Oslo e numa ilha perto, vai ficar em prisão preventiva durante oito semanas - até 26 de Setembro - e não poderá ter nenhum contacto com o exterior até ao dia 22 de Agosto.   

sobreviventes da ilha de Utoeya
A justiça norueguesa decidiu hoje que há risco de o suspeito poder destruir ou comprometer provas caso seja libertado.
A polícia está a investigar a alegação de que haveria cúmplices ou mais células ligadas a Breivik. No seu manifesto-diário, Breivik contava ter feito tudo sozinho.
Breivik foi ouvido hoje pela primeira vez em tribunal, à porta fechada, e a audiência já acabou. - ler mais

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Manifesto de Breivik: cerca de 11 mil “traidores” portugueses deveriam morrer- ler

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